Shimara Kumara’s book Beyond Reiki – Eternal LightBeyond Reiki – GAIA - A higher Octave

The Divine Planetary Healing Energy of Mother Earth

The Eternal Light system of healing with Divine Energies has been given to the world with Unconditional Love by SANAT KUMARA through his emissary in the third dimension Shimara Kumara.

Shimara Kumara

Sanat Kumara is the Planetary Logos and Overseer of all the Divine Rays of healing and Light coming to Earth in this Universe. This system has been given to mankind at this particular time to further facilitate the raising of consciousness on planet Earth, through the focus of enlightenment of all who feel guided to heal themselves and others on all dimensions.

GAIA, the Earth Element Healing Ray is fundamental to the whole Eternal Light healing system.

As the frequency of Mother Earth raises, as she releases old karma and more of our Light is shining in the world, so we have a corresponding higher frequency Healing Ray. This NEW, HIGHER OCTAVE ENERGY will help uplift humanity and those initiated into GAIA will be able to recognise more easily their own inherent Divine Light, with a more conscious awareness of their connection to Mother/Father God, and of their own unique role to be played in the spiritual transition of Mother Earth and all sentient beings, as the Divine Blueprint for us all unfolds in the exciting years of the new millennium.

After attending GAIA level 1 & 2 workshops and being initiated fully into the Eternal Light Foundation Frequency of the Earth Element Ray of Healing, and learning how to work with sacred energies, one will then be at the right vibrational frequency to work further with other Rays of Eternal Light if one so wishes.

With each individual Ray initiation comes a further rise in consciousness and the increased ability to be able to release that which no longer serves your Highest Divine Good. This consistent progression through the Ray Energies enables personality transformation seldom seen in any other system of healing or meditation alone. It is wonderful to watch this transformation and consistently see more of people’s radiance shining through at each workshop.

The Moon Ray: The Water Ray is connected to our emotional bodies at a subtle level, and hence to our emotional responses to others, our fears and anger, sadness and joy, for all are emotions of one kind or another.

The Sun and the Greater Sun Ray: Through initiation into the Fire Ray, one is not only able to use this gift of Light to help others, but one is also more able to absorb the healing power from the physical sun without burning.

The Mercury Ray and the Angelic Ray Ether: The elemental frequency of Air is associated with the mental plane and the mind. This connection moves through many levels of being or consciousness, reaching from the mind of Mother/Father God to the human mind, from the seed creative thoughts of God, deities, Ascended Masters to each thought we have individually.

The Saturn Ray: Saturn is a Divine Ray of Healing which is very specifically for clearing karmic patterns or blocked energy caused by karma.

The Venus Ray: Initiation into the Venus Ray of Unconditional Love brings a heart opening and therefore the opportunity to develop a more loving and accepting nature, both with others but more importantly with oneself.

The Chiron Ray: The planet Chiron itself is a bridge between inner and outer planets, and it is that bridge which helps us reach higher energies and draw them into us. The Divine Healing Ray of Chiron helps heal our deepest wounds and fears. Its range is not so individual in its workings. Rather, it is helping to release mankind’s deepest wound, a feeling of isolation and separation from spirit or God.

The Pluto Ray: Pluto is the planetary energy of transformation and the Pluto ray is a powerful energy clearing deep blocks and patterns but it also gives protection by strengthening our cellular and auric “tolerance” towards all types of radiation, natural Earth, artificial and other background radiation in polluted areas.

The Neptune Ray: The Neptune Healing Ray of Divine energy is probably the most prominently seen in its beneficial action of drawing hidden issues up from the subconscious mind into the waking consciousness to be dealt with and/or released and transmuted. It can also bring remembrance of extremely vivid dreams.

The Mars Ray: The energy of the Mars Ray is working on the full activation of the base chakra to enable the full grounding and connection to the earth; this gives a stabilising influence on the whole physical body and also more balance on the emotional levels.

The Uranus Ray: The Divine Healing Ray of Uranus helps us to move through any transition calmly, easily and without fear. The Uranian energy which some may at first find unsettling, is of course directly related to the new cycle that humanity and Mother Earth are moving into, Age of Aquarius (the astrological sign of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus).

The Jupiter Ray: The dynamic power and energy from the planet Jupiter allows for expansion on all levels of being. When one is consciously working with this vibration one becomes very aware of how limited we are in our ego belief systems whilst in a physical body.

The Sirius Ray: The Sirius Ray is the energy that everyone loves. It is fun, joyful and helps us release our creative energies as it works on clearing blockages at our sacral and throat chakras.

Quoted from the book Beyond Reiki - Eternal Light by Shimara Kumara