Gaia Healing session £50

or 3 consecutive  sessions at £30 each

Distance Healing £50

Distance Karmic Healing £50

Healing through all the levels

Physical plane

Gaia is wonderful for healing any physical illness or disease. Excellent for pain relief of any kind, from the severe pain of the final stages of cancer to the severe migraine attack, the pain of toothache, indigestion, period pains, knocks, cuts, burns or bruises.

Etheric plane

Gaia energy will be working directly on the etheric body, which in turn affects the physical body, as the etheric body is, in fact, the blueprint for the physical. Illness and disease will first manifest in the emotional and mental bodies as blocked or stuck energy. If it is not transmuted at those levels it will continue down to the etheric body. If this energy is not cleared away on this, still subtle level, by healing energy or some other vibrational medicine, it will eventually affect the part of the physical body with which it most closely resembles, causing illness or disease.

Emotional plane

The emotional body seems to be the most difficult to balance of all the subtle bodies. The healer CANNOT ‘take’ an illness, pain or emotion from the person they are working on. Gaia and other Eternal Light Healing Rays will help clear, balance and release any emotional issues.

Mental plane

The mental body is the subtle body that holds the vibration of all our thought patterns, formed by both our conscious and subconscious minds. Thoughts are our creations, as such, they create either good or bad, positive or negative vibrations. Thus we create the energy field around us, vibrating at a frequency consistent with our minds and personality. Thoughts also create feelings and emotional responses! Gaia works on the mental level by giving insight and helping to strengthen resolve to make lasting changes in one’s life.

Gaia is also a great energiser and can be used when feelings of tiredness come over one, from a hard day’s work, or exertion.

Quoted from the book Beyond Reiki - Eternal Light by Shimara Kumara

Karmic Healing

An inner journey to the past, giving insights into patterns & blockages that hinder your healing and self-development in this life. Karmic patterns and past-life memories are brought into your consciousness that they may be transmuted, healed and released, or to bring in Soul qualities, according to what your Higher-Self always knows is appropriate for you NOW, for your Highest Divine Good.

The healing session is ALWAYS guided and supported by Angels and Ascended Masters who work with Eternal Light Divine Healing energies so instead of having one healer working on you, you have a whole company of Angels and Ascended Masters joining in and amplifying the healing energies healing you through all dimensions.

Ascended Masters

Here are some of the Ascended Masters overseeing the Eternal Light Healing Rays:

El Morya Kuthumi Mary Sanat Kumara St Germain
El Morya Kuthumi Mary Sanat Kumara St Germain