Shimara Kumara's Merkaba Meditation guided by Lianka Varga to promote Peace and Healing for yourself, Mother Earth and all humanity.

The Meditation is held every last Sunday of the month 15.30-17.00  at

Central Quaker Meeting House 

                                 Champion Square, Bristol, BS2 9DB · Bristol

Contributions of £5 per person are required to help cover the cost of the venue. 



Shimara Kumara’s Merkaba Meditation CD

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Shimara Kumara’s Merkaba CD
Shimara Kumara’s Healing from the Heart CDShimara Kumara’s Healing from the Heart Meditation CD

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The New Merkaba Meditation

What is the Merkaba field?

Often called the Light Body, it is the spiritualised auric field. When all chakras and the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies are cleared and purified of blockages, our highest energies and consciousness start to be activated. This opens chakra points in our Light Body helping to activate the Merkaba. This is part of our Ascension Process in bringing Heaven to Earth.

•Return of a Sacred Ancient Breathing Process

•Working with the energies of the Angels and Archangels

•Releasing blockages, purifying, balancing and opening all Chakras, Subtle Bodies and the Light Body Field.

•Helps to heal and energise the physical body

•Helps with grounding, being focused and centred

•Sends healing energy to Mother Earth

•Gives greater contact with your Higher Self (I AM Presence) for more inner guidance and deep feelings of peace

•Strengthens the Auric Field, giving powerful protection

•Helps activate the Merkaba Field and spiritualises all dimensions

•Become a co-creator with Mother-Father God and help create Heaven on Earth

Healing from the Heart - Double CD Set

Shimara’s set of two divinely-inspired meditation CDs, taken from her Healing from the Heart course. Learn how to stay grounded and heart-centred to receive clear inner guidance: Learn how to trust this process with your HEAVEN-EARTH-HEART Connection.

CD 1

Track 1: Heaven-Earth-Heart

3 Divine Principles and aspects of self to focus on for Spiritual Transformation.

Track 2: Divine Love

Meditation to feel the energy of Divine Love within your heart, amplifying the Divine Flame for more peace, joy and bliss. A REMEMBERANCE OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Track 3: Higher Self Connection

Meditation to connect fully to your Divinity, the Inner Teacher, to feel the Love of God within your heart, your alignment to your Majestic Celestial Presence, Souls Light and Divine Purpose.

CD 2

Track 1: Feminine Principle

Meditation to connect fully to Mother Earth, to trust and feel safely nurtured by Divine Mother, the place where all wounds are healed. "As Above, So Below": The more grounded we become, the more easily we may access our Higher Guidance.

Track 2: Sacred Space

How to remain connected and in a centred clear space under all circumstances. How to quickly bring yourself back into emotional balance.

Track 3: Auric Clearing

Releasing cords and ties from others means emotional freedom. Being uninfluenced by others leaves us finally free to speak, live and create our Divine Truth from the heart.

These CDs are a must for anyone wishing to master their own energy field.